Reading Scheme – Selection Process

At Kotingli we were very impressed to hear that the evening before our selection meeting 20 of the youths in the village had met to discuss our reading scheme. A total of 19 volunteers showed up when we came for our meeting, some of who were there by the time we arrived and others arrived up to an hour late.  For Ghana, we have been told that this is to be expected, however this is a behavioural aspect of the culture that we are aiming to change.

As there were less than 20 that attended our particular meeting, every volunteer was accepted onto the scheme. Each volunteer filled out a questionnaire with questions such as ‘how many brothers and sisters do you have?’ (some of the families are very large!) and ‘how many times has someone in your family had malaria in the past month?’ Shockingly, most volunteers reported that someone in their family had malaria in the past month at least once, some more than this.

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