One Volunteer’s Story

At Kotingli we have a volunteer who has made a huge impression on us and been an inspiration to the other local volunteers. At the community meeting a man in his fifties told us about his life and his lack of opportunity to access education. He spoke of how he recently taught himself to read in both Dagbani and English and then demonstrated his skill to us by reading a sentence at the meeting. The man expressed his interest and support for our reading scheme and encouraged people to volunteer.

Although our meeting was aimed at acquiring youth volunteers, especially young women, we decided to give this man a chance and we have been delighted with his input to the scheme. As well as respecting this man, the youth volunteers also get along with him very well and to enjoy his presence. His reading and translating is far better than we had anticipated and he is a pleasure to work with.

At the end of each session this volunteer will often give a short motivating speech to remind the younger volunteers of the importance of education and the opportunities they have for their future, which he did not have.  He also encourages everyone to be punctual and to keep attending training sessions so that the scheme is successful. We feel that by having this man within our team of volunteers he has built our confidence in the Reading Schemes potential to succeed and to be sustainable after our training is completed.



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